The advent of Blockchain in the digital world was accompanied by a storm that introduced unparalleled monetary benefits. With the introduction of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the revenue that the digital market collected was tremendous and the world soon witnessed a radical shift from traditional financial services to a decentralized space.

However, as the popularity grew, loopholes and red flags surfaced as well. The market started crashing, the transactions lost their track, payments and dealings got stuck. The transactional fees were higher by the second, payments were getting slower, and scams became a normal thing. The scenario demanded a quick solution, therefore, provided the opportunity for DIFX to come into existence.

DIFX is a multi-dimensional solution that aims to eradicate the challenges faced by the crypto traders who trade from all across the world. It is an unique ecosystem that provides a single platform with multiple features, making it a comprehensive platform. The extensive list of features makes it suitable for both centralized and decentralized exchanges, synergizing both worlds. It not only provides a secure working environment for traders, but it also opens the door to a plethora of opportunities by combining the traditional financial world with the decentralized world. Some of the pairs that are available on DIFX are — Germany 30, Australia 200 Index, Nasdaq 100 Index, and EURO Stocks 50, among many others.

What is DIFX all about?

DIFX is built with blockchain technology, which brings distributed ledger capabilities to the DIFX platform such as trust, security, scalability, and transparency. It facilitates the customers with a unique and simple cost platform to trade with various cryptocurrencies as well as other assets. We happens to be one of the advanced and finest assets for the cryptocurrency world, making cryptocurrencies more accessible.

The platform’s vision is to make crypto payments as simple as possible for people who aren’t tech savvy. It ensures that interactions on the platform are seamless by leveraging Blockchain technology. This ensures an even more efficient ecosystem with improved security and auditability.

DIFX — The hybrid model platform

DIFX is the first and foremost cross-asset platform that revolutionizes the digital market and trading environment globally. Our model has 3 features:-

The DIFX Exchange

Our exchange has a token mechanism and a self-sufficient user interface for the traders. It provides an initial exchange offering backup, low transactional fees, and discounts and offers for the traders.

DIFX tokens

The exchange is backed with tokens built on the ERC 20 framework. The users of the platform can exchange assets that offer high leverage on various cryptocurrency pairs. There are other benefits as well that the tokens provide, like

  • 50% discount to the users when paid using the DIFX token.

  • Option to stake up to 8–10 quarters on the exchange which results in fruitful rewards.

  • DIFX tokens provide high investment returns in comparison to other digital tokens.

  • Helps in financing the Initial Coin Offering for budding projects

Cross Trading Platform

Various cross variants are traded across the digital market on DIFX including crypto to crypto and crypto to forex

A few examples of these pairs are:

  • Australian Dollar v. Swiss Franc

  • Australian Dollar v. Singapore Dollar

  • Australian Dollar v. US Dollar

  • Canadian Dollar v. Mexican Peso

  • Euro v. Danish Krone

  • Euro v. Israeli Shekel, and many more.

Crypto to other commodities pairs are also available on the platform such as:

  • Oil-US Crude

  • Oil-Bent Crude

  • Natural Gas

Additionally, crypto to stocks pairs are also available including brands like FedEx Corporation, Apple, Facebook, Johnson & Johnson, Tesla, Polous Zoloto, Rosneft, Lukoil, Alrosa, Danone, Glencore, Glaxosmith, and many more.

It also includes crypto to several indexes, making it one of a kind platform providing such a variety of trading pairs


Our unique approach gives it an edge over the current exchanges, solidifying its position in the future of digital assets. Having an extensive list of trading pairs available, We ensures that the needs of every user are accommodated on the platform.

With the cumulative opportunities of the blockchain and the advanced hybrid model of DIFX, the virtual trading platform is reshaping the digital asset exchange space.

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