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How to make deposits on the MT5 Application
How to make deposits on the MT5 Application

Need help to make deposits on the MT5 Application! Step-to step guide.

Written by Yuna
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  1. Click on the wallet tab.

  2. Click on the Fireblock.

  3. Fill in your account and complete the details.

  4. Copy the address generated.

  5. Open your metamask wallet.

  6. Select the USDT option and click on the send option.

  7. Paste the address that you have copied.

  8. Enter the amount details. Click next.

  9. Confirm transfer!

  10. Return to Member area.

  11. Click on Wallet

  12. Go to Transaction history.

  13. See your successful deposit.

  14. Go to Trading Accounts tab and you will find your deposit.

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