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How Does the DIFX Rewards Program Work?

Check how DIFX rewards program work for you and earn rewards now.

Written by Ashley Joseph
Updated over a week ago

DIFX offers a $500 Rewards Program to its new users. It’s quite simple: you sign up, complete a series of progressive tasks, and earn rewards. The harder the task, the greater the rewards!

The tasks are as follows:

  1. Sign Up: just register on DIFX Exchange and earn an instant $10 worth of DIFX Tokens.

  2. KYC: complete your KYC verification within 2 days of signing up to earn an extra $20 worth of DIFX Tokens.

  3. Deposit: deposit any token or coin worth more than $1000 within 7 days of signing up to win $50 worth of DIFX Tokens.

  4. Trade: trade every day for 30 days and receive $420 worth of DIFX Tokens, the biggest DIFX reward.

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